Top 10 Best Free Cloud Storage Providers and Services

Cloud storage is becoming a trend today with the fast internet connectivity that we have, uploading and downloading small size stuff on the internet is not an issue anymore.

As a result, there are more and more cloud based storage today where many of them provide to you some space for start up.

If you are looking for some of the best free cloud storage, here are the top 10 in the order of the size provided from least to most.

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#10 – Elephant Drive

Free Storage: 2 GB

I would say Elephant Drive is not really the best choice here because it had not been receiving good comments from the top reviewers. On top of that, there are lots of cloud storage providers that could provide more than what Elephant Drive could on the free storage. However, there is no harm giving it a try. It is free for your first 2 GB.

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#9 – SpiderOak

Free Storage: 2 GB

SpiderOaks is another cloud storage providers that gives you a 2 GB free storage. There are quite a number of good comments from PC World about this provider but the cons of them are slow uploading speed, no wizard for backup and restore and no OS file integration. You could use them to store up the 2 GB free space but for a long term use, there are still other better options.

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#8 – YouSendIt

Free Storage: 2 GB

Just like the Elephant Drive and SpiderOak, YouSendIt gives you a 2 GB as soon as you sign up. They have a great number of customers world wide so their paid service is somewhat reliable I personally feel. However, if you are just looking at the Free section, I don’t think it is enough because first, the storage is only 2GB and the file expiration is not able to control. However, for a short period usage, you can use them to send large data file.

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#7 – Cubby

Free Storage: 5 GB

Cubby, is powered by LogMeIn where in the free sign up, you will get 5 GB storage to use.

This cloud storage providers enable you to sync across your PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones and Android devices.

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#6 – Box

Free Storage: 5 GB

Box offers you a 5GB as well for the free sign up under the personal category.

It has all the necessary features except that if you want password protected sharing and faster upload, you will need to upgrade to the Business account.

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#5 – SugarSync

Free Storage: 5 GB

Whether it is paid or free, SugarSync is one of the recommended cloud storage out there. For the free version, it offers up to 5 GB for you to store your backup files.

At the same time, you can sync into unlimited devices such as the popular iPhone, iPad, Androind, Windows Mobile and also Symbian devices.

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#4 – Amazon Cloud Drive

Free Storage: 5 GB

The Amazon Cloud Drive offers you as well 5 GB of storage on the free sign up.

What is so great about Amazon cloud here is they are pretty experience in the cloud computing field and I’m very sure their quality and services are one of the best out there.

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#3 – Google Drive

Free Storage: 5 GB

Google Drive not only offer you a 5 GB of free storage, but on top of that, you still get to remain your 10 GB space in Gmail and 1 GB in Picasa.

This means that you will get a total of 16 GB although technically, you only have 5 GB for cloud storage.

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#2 – SkyDrive

Free Storage: 7 GB

I personally like Google Drive over SkyDrive but because I said that I ranked them based on cloud storage space, SkyDrive is the clear winner over Google Drive.

SkyDrive offers a total of 7 GB on the free sign up and so far, it should be the highest of all the cloud storage providers listed here.

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#1 – Dropbox

Free Storage: 2 GB (up to 18GB)

Dropbox is the winner here and you must be wondering why it can be the winner with just 2 GB of storage?

If you learn the path to get more free space in Dropbox, it isn’t difficult for you to reach 4 GB by doing some social media stuff.

On the remaining 14 GB, you will have to earn it by referring to your friends where every referral you made, you will gain 500 MB.

So in total, you can get up to 18 GB!

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